Artists Resisting Mindlessness (A.R.M.)

1. A.R.M. is not an organization, institution, or corporate political entity and is not controlled by any organization, institution, or corporate political entity, is not open for membership, does not accept dues is neither for profit or non- profit and does not operate under a generic set of governmental bylaws.
2. A.R.M. first and foremost is a piece of conceptual art created by two philosophically similar artists to serve their environmental/sociological/political agendas and independent intellectual cultural aesthetic.
3. A.R.M. represents preservation and continuum of intellectual culture and stands in opposition to destructive capitalist economics, technological cognitive numbness, unnecessary utilization of violence and fear as a form of political/psychological persuasion and oppression, destruction of the environment, promotion of repressive politically correct social contracts, mass standardization and homogenization of the human animal being, corporate monopolization of the American/world consumer landscape, the institutionalizing, commercializing and sanitizing of fine art and culture and the constant propagation of popular culture by the mass media on society as its culture.
4. A.R.M. is animal rights and environment.
5. A.R.M. is action and metamorphic.
6. A.R.M. is paradox.
7. A.R.M. just is.

Artists Resisting Mindlessness is a collaboration between artists Sandra Holata and Donald R. Miller.



Akron, OH

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