Geologic Cognition Society

The Geologic Cognition Society members are:
John Daniel
Ryan Dewey
Dru McKeown


Ryan Dewey (Cleveland), is interested in helping people experience the world in new ways. He has lived on several islands, in several jungles, in one desert, on one mountain, and on both the east and west sides of Cleveland. Lately he works to answer this question: how do places evoke emotional responses? Dewey developed his work on place-based emotional hacking as a visiting researcher in cognitive science at CWRU from 2014-2015 and his work shows up in spatial design journals like KERB (Melbourne) and MONU (Rotterdam). His handbook on cognitive hacking with art will be published by Punctum Books (NYC) in 2016. Dewey also runs Improbable Oceans, a bizarre salt project exploring geographical design and the taste of place (got de terroir), described in Orbital Operations as "a complete science-fiction short story" and in Edible Geography as producing "salt that can only exist at this particular moment in planetary history".

Dru McKeown (Cleveland) is an architect and artist who really doesn't enjoy talking about himself or his firm (TOIstudio) too much. If pressured he will say he was born in Cleveland and enjoys making physical things as it is very different from many of the aspects of being a professional architect and he feels a burning desire to create. Upon further plying, perhaps with fermented beverages, Dru would mention that his art installations are a way to experiment with materials and provide a more rigorous framework to explore design and process research. He would probably exclaim at some point whilst jabbing a finger into the air that he "likes to learn!" and feels that the democratization of information can lead to quantifiably better (eg. more thoughtful) design which is more honest and contextually relevant.

John Daniel (Cleveland) is an American electronic musician and sound artist from Helmet, CA. His name is most commonly associated with the minimal ambient project Forest Management, a solo recording outlet through which Daniel has released upwards of 25 albums on various labels, toured throughout the US and Canada, and performed alongside a large list of influential figures in modern music. His work has been described as "truly transcendent" (Brooklyn Rail), "lush and intricate" (Consequence of Sound), and "music that disarms everything in its path" (Decoder Magazine). Digitally processing instruments such as the piano and synthesizer (along with environmental recordings), sound sources are blurred and sculpted into entirely new sonic hues for the purpose of composition. As a composer for film and installations, Daniel explores an aesthetic that borders on contemporary Realism, while his brand of drone music has often been said to contain a cinematic, dream-like presence.


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