Public Square Group


From the website :

"Public Square Group is a non-profit dedicated to supporting skateboarding, art and civics. Our members are volunteers from every corner of Northeast Ohio drawn together to help put something back into the thing that gave us so much.

"The Mission

"* To utilize skateboarding as a vehicle for connecting generations and promoting the arts, physical fitness, community development, civic engagement and economic development.
"* To educate civic leaders, teachers and parents on the positive benefits of skateboarding as it applies to engaging the youth of a community.
"* To combat juvenile delinquency and civic apathy by engaging youth with productive activities related to skateboarding such as art and design, music, creative writing, architecture, manufacturing, marketing and urban planning.
"* To assist communities and professionals in improving public spaces and parks by providing information and expertise on integrating skateboarding into the public space."



Cleveland, OH

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