Amy Kreiger

Artist Statement:

"I am most interested in the human form and personality. I am drawn to people and the way they express themselves within contemporary culture. My work bridges painting and drawing. The painted surfaces, followed by colored pencil, add a unique texture and balance. The portraits in this portfolio started from the popular website as a result of my bulletin requesting photographs demonstrating the recipients personality through clothing, accessories, and props. I have received photographs from friends and myspace members locally, nationally, and internationally. I am fascinated by the idea of impression management made possible through an analysis of an individuals unique physiognomy. As the portraitist, I am left to interpret information and question the subjects self-expression. I see my approach as paralleling the Roman veristic portrait tradition in that I adhere to the assumption that physiognomy plays a crucial role in revealing the subjects true character. Just as the Romans would parade death masks of deceased relatives in a commemorative manner, I leave my canvases unstretched and hung by grommets to display the models in an honoring, banner-like manner."


The subjects of Amy Kreiger's portraits or "Virtual Identities," as she refers to them hover somewhere between the real and the constructed. The series began in cyberspace with a posting on requesting photographs from other myspace members that the subjects believed accurately expressed their personalities through clothing, accessories and props. Fascinated by the idea of impression management, Kreiger adheres to the assumption that physiognomy plays a crucial role in revealing a subjects true character.

Kreiger received her MFA in Studio Arts from The American University, Washington, DC and BFA in Painting from Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH. She has shown at PAC Gallery, South Euclid, OH; Bliss Hall Gallery, Youngstown, OH; Classroom 102 Gallery, Washington, DC; Rotunda Gallery, Washington, DC; and SMARTS Center, Youngstown, OH, among others. Kreiger is currently an Adjunct Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Art at American University.


Washington, DC

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