Beat Zoderer

Beat Zoderer is considered to be a representative of the geometric-constructive art. He sees himself as both an advocate and a 'Nestbeschmutzer' (someone who bedraggles the own nest) of classical constructivism. He has developed his own virtuous variety by using fantasy, intelligence and esprit. As he uses vocabularies of historical constructivism, his works is reminiscent of the work of Mondrian, van Doesburg or Venet.

Zoderer often uses office or household items (found in department stores) as raw material for his works to revive constructivism. He prefers items with no sentimental value but with a distinctive basic form. His target is a systematization and minimalization of design instruments, however the result is a luscious and rampantly ornament.

One of Zoderers main issues is perception. He plays with the recognition of everyday items placed in another context. His works challenges us to question the pictures predefined perception of these items. Zoderer invites the viewer to have a second view.


Beat was born in 1955 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Beat has exhibited at the Muzeum Narodowe, Stettin, Poland; Galerie von Bartha, Basel, Switzerland; and Villa Langmatt, Baden, Switzerland.





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