B.J. Vogt


From http://bjvogt.blogspot.com/
"I am an artist who researches neurological processes (specifically memory processes) and form, history, sociology, geography, geology, the biological processes involved in the creation, decay, and destruction of matter (comparing how a tree, human, and mountain grow and die), as well as theories from cosmology and astronomy; in an effort to create artwork that poses humanity as a naturally occurring phenomenon."

B.J. Vogt received a BFA in Sculpture (2003) from Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO, and an MFA in Sculpture from Washington University (2006), St. Louis, MO. Vogt has had solo exhibitions at The Ground Floor and Southwestern Illinois College (Belleville, IL) and has participated in group exhibitions at the Hoffman LaChance Gallery (St. Louis, MO), Gallery Project (Ann Arbor, MI), and White Flag Projects (St. Louis, MO), among others.




St. Louis, MO, MO

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