Chelsea Blackerby

"Through the ad-lib ideals of vernacular architecture, I've been exploring issues of disembodiment, immateriality, deterritorialization, and nomadism. I am deeply inspired by the creative housing solutions of vagabonds, squatters and displaced populations. My work is a reaction to my surroundings: The work of the nomad is done through the process of random yet deliberate order of assembling one's home when the means of shelter are left to chance and inspired necessity. The improvised architecture of the singular dweller is cultivated directly from its environment. Shelters ultimately accumulate piece by piece in a solo effort for survival and self-expression - man-made objects are married to nature as form and function overlap by default. The work you see here is evidence of my crusade to inhabit a utopian organic dwelling ideal within the constraints/luxury of a conventional house.
It is the house that has the most intimate connection to our psyches. It is the emotional grounding by which we process symbols and imagery into sweeping fully envisioned sermons of memory, loss and context. The house is something which is familiar in day to day living but also suggestive of what is hidden, powerful and undelineated. I enact my organic utopian cycle by delivering small bits of well intended architecture.
If the modern family inhabits their homes like an exotic tribal group, drawing from available resources, it will end up looking like my work. The contemporary interplay of family (and other recipricel relationships) can take on the feeling of an ancient rite when it takes place in a self-made and self-perpetuated environment."


Chelsea Blackerby is an installation artist living and working in Akron, OH. She studied sculpture at Akron University's Myers School of Art.


Akron, OH

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