Chris Kulcsar

Artist Statement:

"In my work I mash up seemingly separate multimedia elements with the intent of creating a body of work that implies a post-historical fabrication of coherence. This poses a problem as I am offered a dizzying array of outside sources to pull from. The back catalog I'm working with is a cluttered mass of objects and memories comprised of snatches of: indie rock lyrics, forgotten film stills, melancholia, jokes without a punch line, half-remembered semi-coherent adolescent memories, suburban hip-hop posturing, skateboarding scabs, and free jazz drum fills. My goal is to create a personal inventory of the historical traces that have left a mark on my over all aesthetic. Spontaneity, instinct, and working with a gut reaction are all an indispensable part of my process. To do this effectively requires invoking a theoretical gag reflex of the memory and the final product often arises from the subsequent reorganizing of the faded pile of disgorge."


In the artists own words: Christopher Kulcsar was found floating on the banks of the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio during the final months of our great nation's 200th birthday celebration. He has frittered away his time making loud noises and occasionally taking (and teaching) courses of art instruction. Mr. Kulcsar somehow found the time to attend and graduate from both Cleveland State University and the University of Cincinnati receiving a BA and an MFA respectively.

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