Christian Wulffen

Regarded as a systematic investigation of the possibilities of structuring information and of presenting it via the constitution of an archive of artistic utterances in situ as reflection of one's own action, the work of Christian Wulffen proves to be a constant estimation and measurement: of his own action, of the possibilities of artistic utterance, of the chosen locations, of the art system.

It soon appears that the balance of analysis and presentation loses impact as the presentation itself takes on an analytical character. This is what characterizes the work of Christian Wulffen, and it is in this its individual gestures are hidden.

This all adds up to the fast that Christian Wulffen's work is to be seen against the background of the resumption of concrete and conceptual patterns in present-day art, and against the background of a binding art-on-art mechanism and of the impetus of the reflection of the compression phenomenon in Western industrial societies.

This all comes out in the exhibits, remains perceptible - and is yet unimportant. For precisely the way, in which the terrain is safeguarded is marked by that analytical character which in its formal culmination provokes a maximum of presentational variety.

Nikolai B. Forstbauer
For Christian Wulffen
January 1995
pages 33-34
Christian Wulffen Cantz Verlag Ostfildern/Ruit und Viviane Ehrli, Zurich


Born on February 5, 1954
Lives and works in Cleveland Heights

Since 2003, Christian Wulffen has been an Associate Professor in the Foundation Department at the Cleveland Institute of Art. His work has been exhibited at Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX; Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH; Michael Sturm Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany; Stiftung für konkrete Kunst, Reutlingen, Germany; Demmel Gallery, Dsnabrück, Germany; Stiftung für konkrete Kunst, Reutlingen; Durhammer Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany; Municiple Art Museum, Singen, Germany; Köstring-Maier Gallery, Munich, Germany; and ACP Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.



Cleveland, Heights, OH

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