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Dana Oldfather imagines the shape of ephemeral things. She attempts to give form and weight to love, discovery, rage, or liberation. As chemists or physicists propose formal models of worlds beyond ordinary human perception, her paintings envision the locking and unlocking of emotions, the movement of transformation and its mechanisms. She examines the transitory nature of comfort, power, security, and how they intersect. Globular and tubular structures float and morph, at times propped up or suspended, at times annihilated by something hard and sharp; objects overtake one another. Strokes nest and knot while they are simultaneously torn apart. Grace is paramount and motion is celebrated. The scene is a dance and a battle as contrasting forms converge and a lyrical, electric spreads.

Reacting to the startling juxtaposition of the natural and man-made world that we move through each day, Oldfather is drawn to the combination of wild and tamed, sweet and dangerous, solid and ephemeral, full and empty, agricultural and architectural. She is inspired by the shape of landmasses, growths of vegetation and trees, and rock formations. Additionally, manmade objects such as building structures, dams, power lines, plumbing, iPods, and hardware innards contribute imagery to her shape making. This combination of diametric elements results in a bio-mechanical environment and organism as one; something that has no birth or death and is beginning to show signs of autonomy.


Dana Oldfather was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1978. She is a self taught oil painter who has been in exhibitions across the country, including POV Evolving Gallery in LA, and The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown. Oldfather is proud to have been awarded the generous William and Dorothy Yeck Award for Young Painters in 2012, and the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award for 2013. Oldfather has been twice featured in the New York Times. Her work can be found in many public and corporate collections, some of which are Eaton Corporate Headquarters, The Aria Hotel & Casino, The Bellagio Hotel & Casino, The Cleveland Clinic, and the prestigious Progressive Art Collection. She is represented by the RB Stevenson Gallery in La Jolla, CA, Library Street Collective in Detroit, MI and the Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland, OH. Oldfather currently lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio.




Cleveland, OH

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