Erin Robinson Grant

As a visual artist, I am interested in imagery that both embraces, but denies... entices yet
disgusts. I find, from personal observation and lived experience, that the vile and the exquisite are
a cyclical continuum that encompasses all of human experience. I strive to bring visual
representation to not merely human events (sex, death, birth, consumption), but to reveal the
ephemeral, unmentionable quality of such experiences.

While it is true that these events are part of every being's existence, it would be wrong to
assume the banality of such incidents. From birth to death, these events mold the individualistic
nature of every human. However, it is also because of these shared experiences that one can
identify with another outside of the self. Sex, death, birth, and consumption are not exclusive
events encapsulated in time, but temporal experiences that ebb and flow. My artwork is a
testament to this fact of existence in a cycle.


Erin Robinson Grant is a new media artist currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Originally from
Indiana, Grant earned her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and MFA from Indiana University.
She has also attended the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia and The Burren College of Art
in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. Her work deals with birth, death, and our abject responses to it. She
explores these themes through an amalgamation of video, animation, drawing, installation,
performance, and computer interaction. Grant has exhibited nationally at such places such as The
Kinsey Institute and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Cleveland. Her collaborative video
piece A Hunger Artist was chosen to be on the Shortlist of the first Guggenheim/You Tube Biennial
and was recently featured in the exhibition Un/Conscious Bent at the Yellowstone Art Museum.
Grant has exhibited at a variety of venues in the Northwest including Gallery 114, PLACE, University
of Portland, Milepost 5, the Umpqua Valley Arts Center, Blackfish Gallery, and the Seattle Erotic Arts



Portland, OR

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