Maria Lusitano

Maria Lusitano her video Now It Was Just Make Believe And: , is a video-essay which reflects on the psychological impact of moving out of a country, through an approach to filmmaking based in shared filmmaking techniques (a collaborative method invented by visual anthropologist Jean Rouch). For two years, the video's various participants (including the artist and her son) engaged in video recorded conversations, reflecting on their diasporic experience in Sweden. The video explores the tension between the migrant's imaginary of an utopian and promised land and the posterior impact of the reality of living abroad.


Maria Lusitano (Portugal, 1971) holds an MFA in Fine Art from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden (2009) and a PhD in Arts and Media (2015) from the University of Westminster, London. Her work has been shown in several countries – like Angola, Austria, Brazil, Belgium. Cape Vert, Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay, UK – in venues such as: Hundred Years Gallery (London UK, 2016); Moderna Museet (Stockholm 2011); Joshibi university (Tokyo (2010), Fine Art University (Seoul, 2013); Lewis Glucksman Gallery (Ireland 2013); Artis (Cyprus, 2015): Portuguese National Museum of Contemporary Art (Lisbon 2013); Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon 2012); Mukha (Antwerp 2008); Lunds Konst Hall (Lund, Sweden 2011); Gallery 198 (London UK, 2013); Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo (Sao Paulo, 2010); Swiss Architecture Museum (Basel, 2009) and various other venues. Maria Lusitano was awarded various scholarships, such as the Swedish Art Scholarship Edstranska Stiefeltse, the Calouste Gulbenkian Scholarship and the Science and Technology Foundation scholarship. She is represented in several collections such as Centre Georges Pompidou, Kandinsky Library; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Artists' Book Collection; National Art Library, the Artists' Books Collection in the Victoria & Albert Museum; MoMA, Artists' Book Collection, EDP Collection and private collectors.

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