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"We live in a world of continual flux, where everything is in a state of becoming. Even the most seemingly solid objects are made up of countless microscopic particles in a constant state of motion, including our very own bodies. We are nothing more than a cloud caught in the breeze, appearing randomly on the scene, shifting, changing, then eventually returning to the source from which we came. Our physical existence hinges upon this inextinguishable forward motion of time. Photography interrupts this continuum, presenting us with a fragmented form of reality. It allows us to pin down the changes in order to see what we could otherwise not see, to document and record the fleeting in an attempt to reveal the patterns of a transitory world.
"Time, and an awareness of the change it brings, is at the core of my artwork. Incorporating both the still and moving image I attempt to tap into the perpetual systems of the world, from the surface of the sea to the very ground beneath my feet, in order to explore the mystery behind their elusive nature. I wonder if perhaps there is an underlying structure hidden in their seemingly random patterns, a window onto the intersecting space where objective and subjective perception meets.
"Using such methods as controlled observation from a single vantage point, repetition, typological comparison, and appropriation I want to draw attention to areas of overlap and interconnection between artistic exploration and scientific investigation, while acknowledging the slippery human subjectivity underlying both processes. I believe there is something equally beautiful and enlightening about the infinite cycles of the sea or the variable forms of a street marking. By documenting these observations I invite speculation about what can be known and what will remain unknowable, what can be seen and what can never be seen again.
"In its totality, my work establishes a dialogue between sameness and difference; the variety of natural form within the uniformity of each species; and between the stability of the object or picture and the mobility of the viewer. I am interested in observing and documenting change within the continual evolution of time, drawing from the reservoir of processes and marks, the signs of the everyday and the ordinary, which constitute the lived world.

Michael Sherwin received his MFA in Photography from the University of Oregon and his BFA in Photography from The Ohio State University. He has shown at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Gallery; CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY; Gallery One Visual Arts Center, Ellensburg, Washington; The Medicine Factory, Memphis; and Punch Gallery, Seattle, among others.




Morgantown, West Virginia,

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