Mike Jones

In his performance and video installation for "Flash Forward," Mike Jones tackles the issue of mediation. Jones work explores the ways in which God is mediated. In a live performance during the exhibitions openingand a video installation throughout the run of the exhibition a small group of believers will provide gallery-goers the opportunity to hear Gods word, something they have been trained to hear and share. Jones work deals not only with this human mediation of Gods worda phenomenon at least as old as history itselfbut with its technological and ideological mediation in the atypical space of the gallery as well as its media representations in the culture at large.

"My art practice is rooted in the traditions of performance, installation, new media and conceptual art. The content of my work is mined from a sincere examination of my faith and its relevance within the current global zeitgeist. I am interested in how God is interpreted, expressed, and ultimately mediated by people, institutions, governments, media, etc. How are such mediated expressions consumed, and to what extent do they reveal and/or mask the identity of God? In simplest terms: is God real? what is He like? and what is He saying? How, as an artist, do I reconcile my inevitable mediation of God with an earnest desire to express the reality of His person and character? Along with these ideas, the execution of my work explores hyper-reality, public and private space, social interaction, intimacy and endurance."


Mike Jones received his BFA in Sculpture, with a Minor in Art History and Digital Imaging, from Myers School of Art, University of Akron. He has shown at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI; Cleveland Ingenuity Festival; World Saxophone Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia; BK Smith Gallery, Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH; and Suite Thirty-Six Gallery, Cleveland, among others. From 1978-1991, Michael Jones directed the University Gallery programs at Wright State University (Dayton) and the University of Akron. At these institutions, he mounted more than 200 exhibitions. Various of these were supported by national and state grants and were accompanied by catalogs and symposia. Some toured nationally. Since 1991, Mr. Jones has been a full time studio artist pursuing interests in sculpture and ceramics. Jones was the recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Fellowship in 1978.


Cleveland, OH

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