Mike Meiré

Mike Meiré describes his work as a continued investigation into life's evolutionary processes, which the artist interprets in three phases, birth, biography and death. Central to all of Meiré's work is a delicate interplay between highly refined against mundane everyday materials. The intriguing juxtaposition of organic often sexually explicit or gender-orientated objects with anodyne geometric elements play an increasingly important role in Meiré's work. These evoke a sense of ambivalence towards modernity.

Within Meiré's continuing work as a creative director, he has for many years navigated and in some cases deliberately trespassed the boarders between Advertising, Design and Fine Art. Within this capacity as a designer Meiré's has worked on several installation-based projects, which were commissioned by a variety of commercial companies as subversive means of product placement. However more recently Meiré has clearly defined his practice as an independent artist. As one line of work continues to inform the other Meiré's art-works reveal a profound understanding of popular culture. It is this knowledge, which allows the artist to explore the deep-rooted neurotises that inhibit today's societies and in turn challenge these through his work.


Mike Meiré, born in 1964, works and lives in Cologne with his wife and three children. In 1987 he founded the agency Meiré und Meiré together with his brother Marc and in 2001 he established the cultural production company NEO NOTO. Having a great deal of experience with crossover projects, Mike Meiré
constantly switches between the roles of brand and art director, designer and artist.

His most important editorial design projects include the multi-award winning business magazine brand eins, the architecture magazine ARCH+, the re-design of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), the international culture magazine 032c, and GARAGE - the international art and fashion magazine. As brand director, he has been responsible for bathroom and kitchen fixtures manufacturer Dornbracht's communication and culture projects for over 20 years now. He is currently also overseeing the development and implementation of the Shifting Contexts program technology for the bulthaup brand and the corporate architecture of the MINI/BMW automobile group. In his role as designer and curator, he installs projects that deal with brands' cultural points of contact in the context of art, architecture, fashion, music and design. He developed and curated the Dornbracht Culture Projects project series and designed his own artistic contributions such as the Energetic Recovery System (2001), Noises for Ritual Architecture (2008), the Global Street Food exhibition (2009) (Vitra Museum exhibition, Buckminster Fuller Dome), Back Room (2011) and The Farm Project (2006-2010), which was presented at events such as Art Basel/ Design Miami, Skulpturenprojekte Münster 07 and in the Designmuseum Eindhoven (published by Verlag Walter König). In 2010, the first "DAY IN/ DAY OUT" catalog about his independent artistic works was published (Gallery BarthaContemporary, London). In October 2011 the monograph 25 Jahre Editorial Design Mike Meiré (25 Years of Editorial Design by Mike Meiré) will be published by the Birkhäuser Verlag.





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