Nanette Yannuzzi

Nanette Yannuzzi received her MFA from The University of California, San Diego, during which time she was also a fellow at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. She received her BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art and Science, and an Associates Degree from Bucks County Community College. Her work has been shown in the United States, South America, and, most recently, the Middle East, Istanbul, Turkey).

Yannuzzi has been working on gathering the intimate details of daily life as artist and mother. Yannuzzi seeks not to critique domesticity, but to understand it through the accretion of its artifact. Time is a key element in the artist's work, both in its gestation and its expression. Her series Action:Collections from 1994-present is the artist's attempt to document life in alternative, unedited means. Whether collecting her own washing machine lint, her son and daughters nail clippings, daily drawings produced within a finite period of days, audio feed from a recorder worn at her waist as she went about her work over the course of a month, Audio Days, 2000; or time-based images collected over several months from two stationary cameras positioned within the artist's home, Video Days, 2000). Time and experience in Yannuzzi's art is understandable as evidenced in each and every choate artifact, the personal, evocative, and intimate evidence of life.

Yannuzzi has collaborated with many artists and writers who share concerns and interest in art, the environment, labor, and value. Within her course, Art and Environment, and in collaboration with enrolled students, she has created several public art works. "Fields" is a bas-relief mural on the north and west face of a straw bale building at the New Agrarian Center in Oberlin; completed with Green builder Chris Fox. The second, an arbor, in collaboration artists Kristopher Perry and Ayla Zeimer. Most recently, 2010) she co-curated an exhibition, Relief Valve, at The New Agrarian Center/George Jones Farm, with artist Arzu Ozkal. The 14 selected art works, by artists throughout Turkey, provide insight into land use, biodiversity, and recent controversy over genetically modified foods in Turkey.

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