Nathaniel Whitcomb


From the artist: "I'm an artist, designer, art director, music-o-phile, nature lover, bibliophile, coder, failed vegetarian, cat person, coffee & tea enthusiast...

"Over the years I've found that I'm at my happiest when I'm busy learning and making new things. Not just anything(s), but thoughtful, engaging, beautified things. Things that can make other people happy too. If there's a smile on your face, they'll be one on mine.

"I enjoy creating show posters, websites, album art, paper goods, motion, collages, homemade meals and surreal visual narratives.

"I have an affinity for layers, blend modes, vintage printed material, x-acto knives (and the digital equivalent lasso tool). I wish I made more time to read and write and sometimes dream of the day Photoshop understands mind commands."

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