Patrick Gabler

"Traces of imaginary, romantic landscapes swirl around clearly formed, dense, labyrinthine structures. Meeting at the juncture of abstract and objective representation, a contemplative, calm surface opens onto a complex, pulsating image of our world. The precise mapping of elements in Patrick Gabler's vast drawings lends them the quality of historical cartography, or the contemporary equivalent thereof, a view of the world projected through meticulous schemata." - Spaces Gallery's Multiplicity press release (2006)


Patrick Gabler was born in Munich, Germany in 1967. He has been living and working in Hamburg, Germany since 1989. Which is also where he studied at the School of Applied Sciences. Since 2004, he has worked continuously on a series of large scale drawings entitled "Circle and Cosmos", which have been presented in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the US. His work is held in the Museum for Prints and Drawings in Berlin, as well as the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. Gabler has had solo exhibitions throughout Germany, as well as Argentina and the Netherlands. His group exhibitions have been in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and various locations in the United States, including Cain Schulte Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA; Gallery Kunstler, Booksmart Studio, Rochester, NY; Estel Gallery, Nashville, TN; and Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH.

Labyrinthine structures are formed into circles and comets, holding traces of imaginary, romantic landscapes. Gabler's Indian ink drawings seems contemplative and palpitating simultaneously, merging objective representation and abstraction. The harmonic mapping of single brushstrokes are reminiscent of historical cartography, a view of the world projected through meticulous schemata.



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