Peter Philip Luckner

Artist Statement:

"Creating my work has always been a search for the spirit behind visible form. In video this search has rendered itself part of my process as well as part of the finished product. I enjoy exploring human/machine interaction and its weight on aesthetic. Recently I have spent most of my time questioning what the future of humans may be in reference to this interaction. How will the concept of love change? What will death be like? Will we die? Will we all weigh 1000 pounds and be addicted to the internet?"


Peter Philip Luckner works in both video and painting. In his work, he mediates his painted images through video animation, building paintings layer by layer, shooting video frames every step of the way and incorporating live video footage in the final composition. The process is not merely documented along the way; it is at once a painting and the trace of an animation process that is a work unto itself.

Luckner received his Post Baccalaureate in Digital Imagery, Digital Video, and Painting from San Francisco Art Institute and his BA in Fine Arts from University of Akron. He has shown at 16mm Film Festival, Florence, Italy; Swell Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute; Space Gallery, Pittsburgh; Kiva Hahn Gallery, Pittsburgh; The Whore House Gallery, Akron, OH; and more.


Cleveland, OH

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