Reinhardt Grimm

Artist Statement:

"My artistic endeavor is aimed at objectivity, schematic clarity and logic. It is characterized by a reduction to form the basic structures and their spatial interactions. The relationship of form and space form the retroactive effect of space on the form and the authenticity of the material. Common to the sculptures of the distinct character of the material, the interaction with the molding operation mediates an outspoken organic impression. Often this takes the form of a serial repetition or variation thereof. In some works (especially the earlier) this is is a movement a direct reference to the room.

"The kinetics (Greek kinesis movement) is a branch of mechanics and describes the change of movement parameters (distance, time, velocity and acceleration) under the action of forces in space. The inclusion of motion allows an extension of the exchange relationship between the shape and space. In this way, their own systems, with their own rules, contrasts with fullness and emptiness, positive and negative, light and darkness, passivity and operating activity, movement and stillness."


Reinhardt was born in 1956 in Berlin. He studied painting and taught in the artistic nature study until 2005. In 1991 he participated in a project by Erik Satie Volksbühne in Berlin. They created sculptures for the first time since continuous theater work in the fields of stage costume design and theater plastic.

In 1991 he exhibited the Kinetic installation space ("Sysiphos") for Dresdner II Art Festival, and has held numerous exhibitions of painting and kinetic sculpture at home and abroad, including in Denmark, France, and several times in Switzerland (Inaugural exhibition of the gallery "Chelsea" in Laufen at Basel, Swizerland. In the Netherlands he exhibited "The world from a German perspective". He is represented by Art Frankfurt in Berlin.

He also in involved with various multi-media projects, including a collaboration with electronic music composer Prof. Lothar Voigtländer. They produced "skulpturssurround sounds" and " long night of electronical sounds" at the Akademie der Künste Berlin.




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