Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson


Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson is a composer, sound recordist, and audiovisual artist. His work explores the sonic narratives of object and space. He is founder and owner of SONARCHEOLOGY STUDIOS, a field recording service dedicated to the production of all things related to audio. His work has been featured in live public presentations: MARS IS UNDERWATER, THE STEEL-FONICS, GEM WAY, A BRAND NEW WORLD: KILL THE ARTIST, SONARCHEOLOGY PITTSBURGH and the Emmy Award-winning documentaries In Country: A Vietnam Story and Jim Crow Pennsylvania. He has also recorded & released two full-length albums: Conversations with Shepherds, Sheep, Guinea Pigs and Monkeys: Nursery Rhymes for the Underfed Minds, Vol. 1 and Conversations w/ Aliens, Automatons, Paper Kings and Plastic Dreams: Nursery Rhymes for the Unfettered Minds, Vol. 2. A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Robinson has been an active member of the city's art and music scene for two decades, collaborating with dozens of local artists and working at some of the city's premier venues.


Currently I am working on a sound installation that will explore the sonic journey of specific natural resources, extracted from South African soil and the process they go through to become products people covet or would even kill for. This work of art is supported by ArtUp and will premiere in the exhibition CIVIL RIGHTS & CIVIL WRONGS: South Africa and US due to open in early 2018. In January 2017 I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to South Africa to begin this work.




Pittsburgh, PA

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