Rob Galo

Created for The Vault (May - July 2014), Drone For Chris (drone not drones) was created with multi-tracked guitars, a long-form sound is punctuated by quieter actions, resulting in a mixture of timbres. The result is disorientation as the listener strains to hear what the quieter sounds are, despite being able to hear their interactions with the louder sound, through harmonic frequencies and other auditory phenomena.


Born in the Cleveland neighborhood of Old Brooklyn in 1985, Rob Galo is an artist and musician currently living in Berea. With no formal degree in music, his education has consisted of numerous live performances, personal musical study, and attending workshops and exhibitions since the early 2000s. He is a voracious music collector and an active participant in online music communities, as well as traveling to festivals and concerts outside of Cleveland. Since 2010, his main focus has been exploring using the prepared guitar in various musical and artistic situations.


Berea, OH

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