Robo Kocan

Robo Kocan makes playful images with light in the landscape which typically look like animated fairy tales. He makes them by placing a black cut out form of, for example, the negative space around a fish, over the front of a box and putting a light inside the box, then covering the light with gels or colored filters. By positioning this box in the landscape and setting off the light many times at different distances from the camera, he gets the effect of a whole school of fish swimming through the forest. It may seem odd to some that he would choose to work this way in the age of digital imaging, but Slovak artists are typically "hands on." He has worked on many projects, including overlapping portraits of people and of dogs and their owners, drawing with light in the landscape and multiple self portraits in an urban space. Some of these are printed at a scale that approaches life size.


Robo Kocan was born in Poprad in 1968. He studied Secondary School of Applied Arts in Košice with a focus in Photography and graduated from the University of Art in Bratislava in 1996. He also studied at Nottingham Trend University in UK and l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Dijon, France. In 2003 he was a part of creative project at SPACES in Cleveland, OH. Kocan's work can be seen world-wide in both private and public spaces including art galleries, contemporary art spaces, passages, coffee houses and so on.

Besides his rich and inspired photography career, Kocan is a big traveler too. He's the main person standing behind Traveler Evenings Project (where travelers from Slovakia & Czech Republic can present their pictures and videos, as well as adventures and experiences). Kocan is a member of the AutreBird Art Community, living & working in High Tatras, Poprad, Slovakia.

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