Sandra Holata

Sandra Holata is a photographer who currently lives in Akron, Ohio. She is one of the collaborators involved with Artists Resisting Mindlessness (A.R.M.)

Artist Statement:

"I have been exhibiting my work in galleries for 17 years and is actively pursuing my career. A few years ago I started to develop smaller, more accessible works to sell locally. This has been an exciting journey: meeting great people, experimenting with different materials and it has had a very positive effect on my fine art work. That work can be seen on my web site with a complete resume.

"I started using the liquid photo emulsion and making paper around the same time in 1997. I enjoy both processes very much. They are challenging and always inspiring- every piece evolves into another new idea. It also enables me to utilize the most abundant resource available- trash.

"My photographs are hand printed, one at a time and processed in my black and white darkroom using film negatives and an enlarger. I use food and product boxes from my kitchen, part-time jobs, family, etc. with a liquid photo emulsion painted on the surface. The print is then processed with the traditional chemical method and washed.

"For my handmade papers I collect paper trash: junk mail, magazines, packing materials, cards, envelopes, anything that I can recycle. I grind this into a pulp and form it into sheets. Then I transfer the wet sheets onto leaves and as the paper dries it absorbs stains and impressions from them. I am always excited to see the drawing that nature made for me when I lift it off the blotter."



Akron, OH

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