Sherry Bittle

From her website: "The work [...] began at the loss of my older brother to cancer and has consumed me and evolved from that point. By creating my own visual language, a series of lines and dots become thought patterns and an imaginary life line, at first to my brother, and then to myself. Sometimes the beads would simply signify a thought of him or a want; sometimes there are knot images, when I feel like I've lost a connection, to my brother, to myself. This isn't about a God or a deity of any kind. This is about holding on to memories."


Sherry Bittle received her MFA in Sculpture from Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, OH and her BFA in Sculpture from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH. She has shown solo exhibitions at Tastes Like Chicken Art Space, Brooklyn; Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh; Colonial Arcade, Cleveland; India House Of Parliament, Bombay; and Artist Space, New York City. Bittle has shown in group exhibitions in Roubaix, France, Bombay, India, and in various states throughout the US.


I have been making sculptures and paintings for about 25 years, and I've learned that all that really matters is making something that is mine, that says what I have to say, how I want to say it, and created with a voice that is my own.



Brooklyn, NY

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