Tara Giannini

"I locate beauty in the grotesque, the gaudy, and the unusual. It is for this reason that my work often pushes the limitations of taste and excess. I focus on the particular facet of beauty that deals with the macabre, and highlights the fragile and transient beauty of death and the passage of time. These qualities are also apparent in the 17th Century Flemish Vanitas paintings that I draw inspiration from.

"Embracing overindulgence, visual complexity and ornamentation, my works employ a wealth of media including taxidermied animals, beads, paint, dirt, spraypaint and objects both natural and artificial. These materials are transformed and manipulated to form unabashedly theatrical, overly "sweet" and somewhat sinister vignettes and environments."

- Tara Giannini


Tara Giannni, originally from Mentor, OH, currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She received an MFA in Studio Art and Painting from Hunter College, NY in 2005 and a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Cleveland Institute of Art, OH in 2000. Giannini's solo exhibitions include: Treasure Trove Contention at Jack the Pelican Presents Gallery, NY; Little Vanities at Realform Gallery, NY; and selections of her paintings at Heistand Gallery, Miami University, OH and the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art, OH. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions across the country, most recently including Stretching the Medium at Arizona State University School of Art Gallery, Tempe, AZ and Memento Mori at Ann Street Gallery, NY.

Giannini is currently an art professor at National University, San Diego, CA and Professor of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles Film School. She previously taught at Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA. Giannini is a member of the College Art Association, tART (a feminist women's artist collective), the Brooklyn Arts' Council, NurtureArt Foundation, the California Educators' Association, and San Diego Visual Artists' Guild.




Los Angeles, CA

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