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Week of May 24

Trappings: By Two Girls Working:
Sama Alshaibi:
Tannaz Farsi:
Design 99: The Neighborhood Machine:
Jia-jen Lin:

Week of May 17

Monique Besten:
Cecelia Phillips:
Stewards of the Lost Lands:
Seed Cathedral at the Shanghai World Expo 2010:
SITO's Gridcosm:

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Redesigning the Boarding Pass - Journal - Boarding Pass /Fail
Hello there. Thanks for flying Delta. I am sure you are no doubt trying to figure out what the *$#% to do with the piece of paper you have in your hand right now. You're confused, lost, and just want to get on your flight. It's cool, we don't really care, and we sure as hell don't want to make this process easy and enjoyable for you. Instead we hired a small, blind parakeet to lay out your boarding pass--you know, just to keep you guessing. Have fun.

At NEA, a daring idea to help artists rises again (The Denver Post)
"Current NEA chairman Rocco Landesman, a no-nonsense former Broadway producer, has openly floated the notion of reinstating those individual artist fellowships. The issue, he says with certainty, is not dead.

"'In many ways, the question of supporting individual artists is the question for any chairman of the NEA,' Landesman said via e-mail."
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Everyone Else Outsources, So Why Can't The Arts? : NPR

"In Columbus, Ohio, a number of arts groups are doing what American businesses started [...] outsourcing. [T]hey're handing over the 'back office' to the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, or CAPA. CAPA handles their finances, marketing, ticketing and fundraising - basically all the stuff that artists don't really like to do anyway."

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#DailyArtDose Round-Up   05.21.10

Week of May 10

Christi Birchfield:
newsense enterprises:
Josh Parker (current SPACELab artist):
Shadi Ghadirian:
Lauren Yeager (currently participating in Detour):

Week of May 3

morality @ Witte de With:
Green Museum:
General Web Content: The LOLgraph: Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams:
Experimental Collaborative Art:
Hitchhiking to Transylvania:

Week of April 26

Experimental Communities:
Transient Spaces:
Form Constant:

A Bearing (image via:
A Bearing (image via:

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Day One: Lasting Impressions   05.21.10

We are proud to present the fine writing and documentation of Brush High School students Chealsia Smedley and Shayna Mell. As part of their senior project, the students chose to shadow SPACES staff over the course of a few weeks. We are very grateful to have them on our team, even if it is for a short time. We are all so happy to have them work right by our sides as we push through exhibition openings and events. They continuously provide valuable insights into the process along the way.

I walked up to the tiny door, without research and without knowing. The only information that I previously obtained was that SPACES was an art gallery and that I was helping with an opening- that would commence in two days. I know that being unprepared is usually a disadvantage, but in this case I wouldn't have it any other way. When I walked through the entrance I was awestruck by this space of endless possibilities awaiting me.

The first thing that caught my eye was the bulging green wall decorated with a scarcity of scattered flowers. While at first it appeared merely an interesting wall, it revealed a room containing a multitude of boxes which would later make up a tunnel. Everyone was in a line to enter a room, with an imitation 'doggy door' to gain access. The room looked like something taken directly from a horror film. The trap door and dripping water went hand in hand to create a foreboding room. It was difficult to imagine that this separate entity would become an inviting final step at the end of a tunnel adventure Friday night.

This interactive art piece and the mission of SPACES were both inspiring, and original. The idea of taking something that is already creative and original and challenging it can be described as beyond cool. The fact that the staff at SPACES kept a movement alive and challenged art itself made them artists in that way. They encouraged me to be an artist among them by giving me the freedom to think and carve my own ideas. When my first day concluded, I realized that I would be coming back tomorrow, and I couldn't wait!

Written by: Chealsia Smedley
Photos by: Shayna Mellnn

View from Ben Kinsley's
View from Ben Kinsley's "Art Auction" stand

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