The Bright Lights of Capitalism   07.21.11

Does Capitalism work for you? That's what Steve Lambert wants to know. And now, so do we.

Steve, our current SWAP artist, is making a sign. A big, flashy, old-school sign. You're gonna love it. And you're gonna see it very soon…..but we could use your help. Just a little bit. It turns out that building a HUGE outdoor metal sign is rather costly. And Steve doesn't just want this thing to sit in the gallery. There's an interactive component-you get to vote-and you get to talk about how and why you voted (if you want). The sign will travel around town, and then it will travel around the country. The goals are many, and the participation is crucial-we would love to get as many people involved as possible. If you're interested in donating (1 dollar? a billion dollars?), then visit the project's kickstarter page and get excited: Donating through kickstarter also gets you special access to Steve's backers-only-updates. I will also tell you that at certain levels, you get a really cool phone call. And art.

Or if you just want to know what's going on with the sign once it's made and traveling, then make sure you're connected to SPACES on our fb page, twitter, and e-blasts. You can also check out Steve-y info on his website:

Steve at SPACES. He's happy because you care.
Steve at SPACES. He's happy because you care.

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