Because We CAN!   01.18.12

You may start noticing stacks of intriguing newspapers around town. These particular newspapers have a red cover, black text and pointing hands along the lower margin. This is the Collective Arts Network Journal (or CAN Journal). The brainchild of Zygote Press's Liz Maugans, the CAN Journal shines a spotlight on 28 different art organizations in our region to give a more comprehensive view of the region's creative output.

With the design and editing assistance of JoAnn Dickey and Michael Gill, and an essay from Douglas Max Utter, this publication is geared toward informing the public of the sheer scope of visual art in and around Cuyahoga county. The CAN Journal is littered with essays by area arts leaders extolling the virtues of the other art organizations in the region (I wrote about Brandt Gallery in Tremont, and Nancy Heaton of BAYarts wrote about SPACES).

Educate yourself on all the great art opportunities we have here to experience art in all its variations by picking up a copy today at a participating art venue, or download a copy here:

CAN Journal Cover
CAN Journal Cover

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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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Thursday in the Vault: Artists Mistaken for Movie Stars!!!   01.17.12

Taken side by side, many cannot tell the difference between Ben Kinsley and Jessica Langley, and Ben Kingsley and Jessica Lange.

To help you make the distinction, we've provided a helpful celebrity photo of artists Kinsley and Langley, who go one further than the movie stars, by MAKING THE MOVIES!

And they make movies about cats, which is even better!

Come join current SWAP residents Ben and Jessica as they debut Make CATopia Real, their collection of interviews of cats about what utopia means to them, Thursday, January 19 at 6:30 PM at SPACES. The night includes video works by Kate Gilmore, Brian Sabalauksy, Roger Beebe, and Karel van Laere.

Kinsley and Langley Fight Off the Paparazzi
Kinsley and Langley Fight Off the Paparazzi

Keywords: ben kingsley; jessica lange; ben kinsley; jessica langley; make catopia real; kate gilmore; brian sa
Author: Kate Sopko, Residency Champion
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