Hey it's me the artist!   08.19.13

So I made some artwork for SPACES. You can see it this Friday if you want. Well I would love for you to see it because I made it and I worked really hard on it.

Back in March Chris Lynn called me up and said that the proposal I submitted was met with skeptical approval and then over the course of a few hour coffee infused brainstorm sesh about what a Brandon Juhasz show at SPACES might look like I had a plan. Sort of, I guess. You see with art it never really goes as planned. At least not with fickle, ever changing, neurotic me…the artist. Mrs. Doubt….fire.

You know what they say. With great programming/venue comes great responsibility. And as the R&D artist I had to fulfill the research and development quotient. I had to fill dem shoes. The experimentation. Stepping out of ones very comfy and cozy zone to reach for and try new things is the cornerstone of this program. So I did, I think. What would normally be the end product trademark Brandon style framed medium-sized archival inkjet photograph is now a full installation of image objects. A photographic scene set up as I would in my studio-for-ants on a tabletop is made to scale to experience as a tangible simulacrum of the photographic experience.

I hope too with this experience to let the viewer re-photograph what I have presented to create yet another filtered layer of photography and experience. You can email me your pictures to for uploading to There visitors photos will be archived to see a group collection of interpretation.

The idea behind Paradise. Pair a Dice comes mostly from personal reflection and the notion of ideals. Using everyday iconography in unexpected ways I am exploring where I find myself in relationship to contemporary American culture in regards to expectations, desire and responsibilities of adulthood that I may or may not have realized would be when I was younger. I also am thinking about how we live today. Always straddling reality and fantasy, expectations and their often far off realities.

Being selected as an R&D artist is a great honor and one that comes with a big space to fill both literally and figuratively. I hope my show is as enjoyable and challenging to the visitors of SPACES as it was for me in making it.

Thanks SPACES for the wonderful opportunity and I hope to see y'all out on Friday.


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