Bad Karaoke   12.17.13

Join us December 15, 6:00 - 8:00pm for Bad Karaoke.
Sing away your December Blues.

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Dexter Davis   12.12.13

Quarter Art Artist December 2013, Dexter Davis

The image in this blog is NOT the piece Davis created for the December Quarter Art. This work is courtesy of the William Busta Gallery.

Davis created a amazing exclusive piece for Quarter Art, it is a wood block print with collage. Each work will be slightly different. But that's all we can say, ssssshhhhhh. We will keep rest under wraps till Thursday (December 19) at 6-8pm for his Harvest Day. On this day patrons who have subscribed to the Quarter Art program will get to pick up their subscription.

See the work in progress.

Want to know more?

SPACES' Quarter Art Program is a art subscription service. Think of it as a quarterly magazine subscription, but in the form of four curated, limited-edition art objects each year. Subscriptions are available at any time for the next slate of artists. An annual subscription is $500. A half-year subscription is $300.

Subscribers support both local artists and SPACES while receiving great contemporary art in return. Art objects may be two-dimensional, three-dimensional or digital. Subscribers will only receive the participating artists' names in advance, but not an image of the specific object being made. The surprise is part of the fun (one quarter of the fun to be exact).

Miss the deadline to get Davis' work? Don't fret, you can pick one of his works or any of the previous Quarter Art artists on Thursday, December 19th for $250.

Check out past Quarter Art artists and their work on

Special thanks to William Busta, Corrie Slawson, Sarah Beiderman and Dexter Davis

Bush Baby, 2013 Dexter Davis, woodcut and collage
Bush Baby, 2013 Dexter Davis, woodcut and collage

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Author: Marilyn Ladd-Simmons, Gallery Manager
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