Paul Druecke
September 10 - October 22, 2010

In an age where everyone has their 15 minutes, identity is verified by a Google search, and we have access to the other side of the planet without ever having to set foot there, why is there a consistent universal attempt to leave a permanent imprint in a fleeting, forgetful culture?

Milwaukee-based artist Paul Druecke has created a number of works that explore how the act of acknowledgment intertwines with both power and desire. He is interested in the process of remembering. In his work, the artist has employed collaborative, interactive processes to address subjects including celebrity, social perspective of the public realm, and memorializing, among other topics.

As part of the SPACES World Artists Program (SWAP), the multi-disciplinary artist embarks on an eight-week residency in Cleveland, OH to further explore memorials and landmarks. Following his residency, Druecke will present an exhibition opening Friday, September 10 that will remain on view through October 23, 2010. His work will evolve in specific relation to Cleveland and his experiences and engagement with the city.

Druecke writes, "I am interested in stories told by landmarks that exist beyond what is inscribed in bronze. These stories include, who had (and has) the wherewithal to make their imprint public? And what limits are in place regarding the content of commemoration/sponsorship?" The artist takes into consideration the implications of waning government funding and the individual's interest in naming rights within the public forum. He continues, "My interest in this, while of course political, is more about idiosyncrasy in relation to community, and the ever-evolving nostalgia of our urban fabric."

Druecke employs a variety of formats in his work: intervention, collaboration, photo series, and texts, which, in turn, cross-reference one another. The projects utilize ubiquitous social phenomena such as bronze plaques, bake sales, red carpets, or the boardroom. Druecke uses these familiar frames of reference to investigate relationships between autonomy, influence, and community. The work extends beyond the physical or psychological context of the art institution, and is located in the broader cultural arena.

Paul Druecke's projects have been presented throughout the United States and in Europe in venues including the K?lnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany; Many Mini Residency, Berlin House, Berlin, Germany; Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California; and the Contemporary Art Museum Houston. His work has been featured in Camera Austria and InterReview, along with publications including Metropolis, Artforum, Art in America, and Art Papers.

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