Speculative Models

Marty Weishaar
February 03 - March 30, 2012

SPACES invites the Baltimore-based artist Marty Weishaar to execute his playfully chaotic style of art making in Cleveland. SPACES will be filled with bridges, toy car tracks, and cardboard airplanes to create a microcosm that is reminiscent of crumbling infrastructures, and the messy craft of modern civilization-building.

Weishaar's seemingly disorganized objects are thoughtfully constructed of common materials such as packing tape, zip ties, cardboard, matchbox cars and spray foam. At first glance, these forms (that rarely include a right angle) seem to be both toppling and rising at the same time. His work forms symbolic relationships between traditional and nontraditional materials with various historical approaches, such as conceptualism and intuituve abstraction. Connections are made between two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects, systematic abstract paintings, diarist drawings, airplanes, bridges and buildings.

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This project is a part of the SPACES R&D Program.

The R&D (Research & Development) program invites artists, curators and other cultural producers to articulate their research and development of ideas and objects through a supported exhibition or project. These exhibitions and projects may be group, solo, or collaborative endeavors.

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