The Last Library

Ward Shelley
June 24 - October 16, 2015

On View: August 21 - October 16, 2015
In Residence: June 24 - August 22, 2015

Before the last library is digitized and shredded for landfill, you just have time to write that book you've been meaning to?and put it in the Last Library.

The Last Library is an art project that you can contribute to. We will transform the gallery into our own library - a room full of "books" arranged in a meaningful order on shelves - like libraries everywhere.

We'll make the books. Probably they will be dummy books - nothing inside (we can't write that much) but we can come up with TITLES. The titles are what you really see, when you see books on shelves. So that's all we need to write. These are really short books - just the title and the author. Otherwise, they are probably unwritten. You can think of them as books that should have been written. What are the titles of books you think should have been written? Write up a list. What do these titles tell us?

Submit your titles here: SUBMIT

Or - you can think of a series of titles that, together, form an interesting larger idea. - Like what?
- like a series of titles that form a group with a strong idea
- like a series of titles that sets up a joke and delivers a punch line
- like a series of titles that reads like a poem

Submit your titles here: SUBMIT

But it is important that each separate book is convincing by itself, and in a group becomes something interesting, funny, passionate, or insightful.

You can try this by yourself, with just a little stream of consciousness writing, like the Surrealists, or a little clever composing, like people who write puzzles. You can send us your ideas, or you can come hang out and we can brainstorm together. We'll have special workshops for that, and general open shop time when you can just stroll in.

If you want, you can just help make dummy books, too.

We will come up with schedules for the month of July, so keep an eye out for it. And please come by to meet the crew and tell us your ideas.

Submit your titles here: SUBMIT

- The Lost Librarians

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National Endowment for the Arts Ohio Arts Council Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts John P. Murphy Foundation

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